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13 Apr 2023

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YICGG2023丨We are waiting for you in Yunnan!



Astana, Kazakhstan

Reunion at the Expo

Future Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure


Jakarta, Indonesia

Meeting in Coconut City

Oceans, Rivers and Lakes: 

Global Water Preservation, Utilization and Development


Huzhou, China

Smart City

Future Community, Youth Creation:

Build Smart Cities to Drive Sustainable Development


Shanghai, China

Looking Ahead

Governance of the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Actions and Future Prospects

This is a stage for youth,

where ideas meet.

The 2023 Rongchang Cup 

Youth Innovation Competition 

On Global Governance

 is about to kick off.

We welcome young people from all over the world

 to come to Yunnan,

and contribute their perspectives

on global governance!

A Review of YICGG2022



1. Impressions of YICGG

2. An Overview of YICGG

3. Theme of YICGG2023

4. Competition Process

5. Appilication Process

1. Impression of YICGG

EXPO provides a great platform for youth innovation. I am grateful to YICGG for coming to 2015 Milan EXPO, to China Corporate United Pavilion and Fudan University for their deep involvement. China’s deep involvement is one of the key factors of success of Milan EXPO. 

The world is now facing a series of global issues, such as poverty, global warming, human rights, sustainable development, unemployment, etc. However, global governance still faces the problem of weak international organizations and remains on state rather than global level.

I really hope that the participants of YICGG, from all around the world, can be the core of global governance in the future.

——Mr. Enrico Letta,

Former Prime Minister of Italy

YICGG is a great opportunity for young people around the world to explore and address urgent global problems, showing their innovative spirits and entrepreneurship. 

Participants have proposed various recommendations for the world, and shared ideas on investment, employment, economy,assistance and cooperation. These participants from different countries with different points of views formed a new world team randomly in the summer section competition. 

Moreover, they have learned how to cooperate in teams, which impressed me most in the competition. 

——Mr.Richard Boucher,

Former Vice Secretary, OECD

The reason why we choose to hold this event among young students is because it is vital to let the youth to spread the idea of global governance. 

I hope the young participants of YICGG can all have such kind of consciousness. Then, in the future, when they become opereators and managers, they can treasure our world through their practice.

——Mr. Khalid Malik

  Former UN Resident Coordinator in China UNDPResident Representative in China

In YICGG, the youth, as the core of the competition, constitutes the contestants, organizers, and volunteers. They are who design, participate in and deliver the actual practice. Everyone is able to seek common ground while reserving the differences, solidarity and collaboration, experiencing the whole process of global governance and the responsibility of the youth generation. We hope that this valuable trail will appeal more people to engage in global governance.

——Mr. Chen Zhimin,

The Member of CPC Fudan University Standing Committee,Vice President of Fudan University

2. An Overview of YICGG

3. Theme of YICGG2023

Global Biodiversity: 

Youth Involvement and Initiatives

Biodiversity animates the planet, and humans depend on nature for survival and development. However, climate change and biodiversity decline have come to the fore in recent years, and the interplay between the two is threatening the integrity, health and sustainability of natural ecosystems. Biodiversity protection is an immediate necessity.

On the crucial issue of biodiversity for human living, the High-Level Segment of the UN Biodiversity Conference 2020 (Part 1) held in Kunming, China, in October 2021 formally adopted the Kunming Declaration, committing to ensure the development, adoption and implementation of a practical post-2020 global biodiversity framework to reverse the loss of biodiversity. At the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2022, President Xi Jinping also outlined a roadmap for China's eco-environmental governance and biodiversity preservation in the coming years.

Youth play an increasingly important role in the cause of biodiversity and ecological protection. The global youth are invited to work together to make ecology a consciousness and biodiversity conservation a way of life. In light of this, YICGG2023 cordially invites young people from around the world to think of innovative solutions and propose feasible governance frameworks around the theme of biodiversity, so that we can put on a path to recovery by 2030 at the latest, towards the full realization of the 2050 Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature.

Recommended Themes

1.Evolving Environments:

Climate Change and the Conservation 

and Restoration of Ecosystems

2.Reforming Relationships:

Urban Biodiversity and ExploringNew Models for Development

3.National Action:

National Parks and Green Development

4.International Collaboration:

Global Governance on Biosecurity

5.International Practice:

Global Experience on Seed Biodiversity 

and Rural Development

6.Global Vision:

Sustainable Development

4. Competition Process

With reference to suggestions of participants and judges over the years, YICGG2023 has updated the competition rules as follows:

Round 1

Based on the theme of the preliminary round, participants are expected to formulate global-governance proposals with creativity and foresight, either individually or in a group. The YICGG Committee will then strictly follow the experts’ evaluation and welcome the most competitive candidates to enter the second round. The Most Innovative Team(MIT) will be selected in this round.

Round 2-1

Ignite Talk is an optional part for the participants. Applicants are required to submit their Talk outlines(150-200 words) focused on their chosen topics. 

20 applicants will be selected by the judges to share their insights in the Talk. The most impressive participant will be honored with the individual award The Ignite Talk King/Queen (ITK/ITQ).

Round 2-2

We Youth Common Agenda aims to nourish the common goals of the youth who share a passion for global governance. Viable ideas will be delivered to relevant UN organizations after the event.

Round 2-3

The World Café adopts the form of brainstorming. The World Teams will participate in round-table discussions under the guidance of judges, focusing on proposals developed in line with the finals theme. Each discussion lasts 15-20 minutes. When the time is up, the World Teams will rotate to the next table, where another judge will lead the discussion. This allows contestants to interact with all the judges. The judges and contestants will exchange their ideas and engage themselves in thought-provoking discussions.

Round 2-4

This year YICGG will have a new session called World Youth Talk. If you are willing to participate in this session, please wait for further notice.

Round 2-5

A more targeted topic will be announced in the final session. Every World Team is expected to write a project report based on the topic and finally present it. Your project will be evaluated based on its creativity, feasibility and effectiveness.

The first-ranking final project will be bestowed The Most Valuable Project (MVP).

5. Application Process

Step 1 

Basic information

· If you are interested in YICGG, please register as soon as possible. This will ensure that you receive the latest information from YICGG2023 Committee.

· For registration, please complete the form in the attachment named YICGG2023-personal info-preliminary round

· Send this form with your curriculum vitae to our official mailbox:

Deadline for registration: 

 April 30th, 2023

Step 2

Group Design for Creative Projects

· To participate in the first round of competition, you / your group need to submit your proposal to our official mailbox:

Deadline for submission: 

May 7th, 2023

Step 3

Assessment & Result Release

· Based on your papers, the professional jury will decide the finalists who will be able to travel to Yunnan for the final, which will be released in May.

Deadline for result release:

May 28th, 2023

Step 4


· All candidates will have 3 days to decide whether to participate in the second round. YICGG2023 Committee, on behalf of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, will send an invitation letter to the participants after their confirmation.

 Deadline for confirmation: 

 May 31st, 2023

Step 5

Registration for Ignite Talk & World Youth Talk

· Candidates who want to participate in Ignite Talk ought to send an email to the official mailbox : attached with the speech outline based on the theme of the first round, approximately 150 to 200 words. Judges will select 20 candidates as Ignite Talk speakers.

Deadline for registration for Ignite Talk 

June 11th, 2023

Note: To candidates who want to participate in World Youth Talk, please wait for further notice.



See you at YICGG2023!


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