Join our Warsaw City Tour with a professional English-speaking guide to make the most out of your visit. There are plenty of essential and unconventional places to discover in Polish capital and we would like to show you all of them!


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During our Warsaw City Tour you’ll discover top-sights of Polish capital with a professional local guide. The first part of it is by foot and the second by a comfortable Mercedes car driven by our friendly English-speaking driver.


We start our Warsaw city tour from historical Piłsudski Square located in the very heart of the city. It’s an absolute Warsaw must see, as it’s a place of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Papal Cross and Piłsudski Monument. Then, you’ll visit Krakowskie Przedmieście – main part of Royal Route in Warsaw. There, you’ll see Belweder, Mickiewicz monument and Chopin’s Bench. On the Castle Square you’ll pass by the monumental Royal Castle – a heritage site of UNESCO. Then, you’ll take a look on some more Warsaw famous objects: monuments: St. John Cathedral, the Lucky Bell, Old Town Square and the Mermaid of Warsaw. Guided walk will finish with a visit in Warsaw New Town, where the birthplace of Marie Skłodowska Curie and the Warsaw Uprising Monument are located. Now it’s time to get into our comfortable car.


At the begging, our driver will show you Warsaw Jewish Area. You’ll pass by Umschlagplatz and the bunker at Miła street. The first stop will be at the Ghetto Heroes Square. There you’ll see the Ghetto Heroes Monument, POLIN Museum (without entering) and Karski Monument.

Another focal point of Warsaw city tour is a stop in front of its most characteristic building – the Palace of Culture and Science. Surrounded by modern skyscrapers, it represents Warsaw mix of modern and communist architecture. The last part of the tour features Royal Baths. You’ll see picturesque area around Belweder (presidential house), have a walk through magical Royal Park, admire famous Chopin’s Monument and pass by classicist Palace on the Isle.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  • English-speaking, professional guide

  • English-speaking, friendly driver

  • Comfortable, air-conditioned private car

  • Quick transport between Warsaw districts

  • Entrance tickets

  • Tour in different languages on request


Duration: 4 hours ( there is possibility to book an extended Warsaw City Tour that lasts 6 hours – this option includes tickets to enter the Royal Castle.)

Type: Private (walking + driving)

Language: English (more on request, price fixed individually)

Transportation: modern Mercedes, Skoda Suberb vehicles or similar

Warsaw must see
Warsaw CIty tour
Warsaw Walking Tour
Warsaw city tour
Warsaw city tour


Polish capital has much to offer for everybody. If you’re looking for best Warsaw sightseeing tips – you’re in the right place! We would like to recommend you the best Warsaw attractions to see during Warsaw sightseeing. Prepare for an unforgettable trip featuring both historical heritages as well as centres of modern life.

Our tours give you an opportunity to discover all best Warsaw attractions and show you most popular places to visit in Warsaw. Book one of our tours and enjoy our beautiful city in the most convenient and pleasant way possible.

There is no better way to discover Polish capital than with a local guide. In this way you’ll have a chance to explore unknown and less popular places to visit in Warsaw from slightly different, local and definitely much more interesting perspective. Guides will tell you untold stories and take you to some undiscovered places. They will also willingly answer all your questions and show you things that you’re most interested in.

You can choose different types of Warsaw sightseeing, depending on what are your preferences. Guides can show you particular quarters of Warsaw or take you on a journey through single periods in the city’s history. Visiting Warsaw doesn’t always have to be the same, leading through the most popular spots. While some prefer to see Warsaw classics, the others will seek for off-the-beaten routes. Some may want to discover Warsaw Jewish history while many will choose the culinary path. Which one do you prefer?

If you want to plan your day in Warsaw it’s good to have a good strategy. First question is – what you want to do? There are plenty things to do in Warsaw and here are some propositions to consider:

1. Follow Warsaw war history 

Discover most important spots connected with the WWII in the city. During the war, the biggest Jewish ghetto in occupied Europe was created by the Nazi authorities in Warsaw. Although after Warsaw Uprising in 1943 the ghetto was swept away, there are still some original fragments of its walls.

Warsaw Uprising in the ghetto is regarded as one of the most influential and important events for city’s history. That’s why, Warsaw citizens raised many significant memorials of those brave Jewish inmates and Polish soldiers who fell in a combat. Walking across the area of former Warsaw Ghetto you’ll discover famous addresses or monuments of notable figures. It’s worth to visit the place with a Warsaw guide, who will tell you fascinating stories and show you most hidden places connected with the dark period of the city’s history.  

2. Relax on the bosom of nature 

There is one special place in Warsaw where you can see significant historical monuments and fully relax among beautiful, green scenery – Warsaw Royal Baths. This scenic complex of gardens and palaces is a paradise island inside a city. It’s definitely on of the most relaxing Warsaw sightseeing attractions.

In the XVII century, Stanisław Poniatowski (a prominent Polish king) changed this place into his summer mansion. Due to the ruler’s passion for art, soon, the area was filled with ancient sculptures and scenic flower valleys with the Palace on the Isle in the middle. There is also the famous Chopin’s monument on its premises. People often gather around the monument and relax on blankets simply enjoying Royal parks’ peaceful atmosphere. If you visit Warsaw In the summertime you’ll have a chance to listen to Chopin’s concerts performed by remarkable musicians every Sunday.

3. Have a little shopping!

Warsaw sightseeing tours don’t have to be only about monuments. While visiting Warsaw attractions it’s worth to spend some time on shopping and make really good deals.

Zlote Tarasy is the most popular place to catch the best sales in Warsaw. It is a home to many famous and sought after Polish and international brands, cafes, restaurants and attractions such as Multiplex, concerts in a jazz club or fashion shows. The outlook of its innovative glass and rolling ceiling is quite controversial among citizens. While some claims it is a beautiful sign of modern times, others treat it as one of the weirdest things to see in Warsaw. Nonetheless, its interior is always full of people enjoying numerous services or dashing to the main station.

1. Palace of Culture and ScienceWarsaw sightseeing - Palace

Undoubtedly, the Palace of Culture and Science is one of the most characteristic things to see in Warsaw. This is the central point of Warsaw sightseeing as well as citizens divisions…

While some say that the Palace of Culture and Science constitutes the national heritage and a feather in the city’s cup, others treat it as the ugliest building in Warsaw. Some think it’s like the Eiffel Tower for France or the Brandenburg Gate for Berlin, while others claim it is anything but a symbol of communist propaganda. In fact, Jozef Stalin was its originator making it most valuable “Russian gift for Polish nation”. Nowadays, one can find many important cultural objects in the Palace. The Museum, the Theaters and some University departments in the building make this place a bustling centre of culture and thoughts exchange.

First company to have its headquarters in the Palace was Coca-Cola and none other than Christian Dior has its first fashion show inside its congressional hall! Additionally, the Palace is pet-friendly – in its basement it hosts its special cat guards while level no. 45 is inhabited by a falcon family.

2. Royal castleWarsaw sightseeing - royal castle

Visiting the former residence of Polish kings in Warsaw is one of the first things to do in Warsaw. Although it was nearly completely destroyed during the World War II, today Impressive exhibitions inside the castle feature works of art from around the world (Rembrandt or Bellot). It’s definitely worth to see its temporary exhibits, participate in concerts, lectures, art fairs or projections that happen there regularly. Beautiful halls decorated with red velvet and gold will create an unique royal atmosphere inside. Visiting the Castle you’ll find both grand paintings, depicting the most important events for Polish history, as well as exotic exhibitions such as grand collection of carpets from the East.

3. Wilanow Palace wilanow palace in warsaw

Combining elements of Old Polish manor house, Italian villa and French residence, Wilanow Palace is regarded as the Polish Versailles. Travel back in time while visiting this magic place!

It’s one of the most noble and awe-inspiring things to see in Warsaw. Stepping inside, you’ll set up a journey through interiors from XVII, XVIII and XIX century. Wilanow Palace is surrounded by admirable split-level Baroque Garden. It consists of a Wilanow Lake, romantic English garden, Rose Garden and English-Chinese garden with pond covered in water lilies. It’s worth to visit the place with a Warsaw guide to find out about its rich history and heritage.

4. Holy Church

“Lift up your hearts” says the inscription on the figure of Jesus that guards the entrance to the Holy Church. He bears his cross while reaching out his hand in heaven’s direction reminding about sanctity of this place.

This grand building is an amazing example of Baroque architecture. It’s also a place, where many notable Poles were buried. Located in the Warsaw city centre, between much smaller tenement houses, its size seems to be even more monumental. Strolling along Krakowskie Przedmieście (one of Warsaw main streets) it’s impossible to oversee this Church. Its interior is equally impressive with ubiquitous altars and decorations suggestive of solemn events that marked the temple throughout history. One of the most valuable and interesting objects inside the Holy Church is the Chopin’s heart, that attracts thousands of visitors every day.



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