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  • Entertainment and additional attractions

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There are countless places to visit in Warsaw. You can explore, discover, experience 24 hours/day and never have enough. Yet, sometimes it’s good to stop for a while and simply relax. Especially in a city which, beside being a bustling centre of millions of attractions, provides many scenic views and peaceful areas, where one can spend a pleasant, lazy afternoon. Here are some propositions for some more relaxing things to do in Warsaw in between busy Warsaw tours:

1. Go to BUW 

You don’t need to be a book worm to find the Library of the Warsaw University highly attractive place. Visit BUW during your leisure time and mix business with pleasure! This unconventional building became a cultural space where one can spend a whole day without even noticing it. Beside a huge collection of world-class literature and scientific works, the Library hides a real paradise on the roof. If you climb the stairs, you’ll discover a secret garden with a lot of green valleys, exceptional plant, mesmerizing fountain or scenic panorama of Warsaw. But most of all, you’ll find the desired peace and relaxation after intensive and busy Warsaw tours.

2. Find all Warsaw Mermaids

During Warsaw city tours it’s hard not to meet its most prominent symbol – Warsaw Mermaid. It’s the city’s biggest defender and its figure is a part of the Warsaw crest.

You’ll find Warsaw mermaids all over the city. According to a legend, it’s the main guard of the city existing in city’s history since the XIV century. It’s the main character of several legends that you’ll find out about from citizens or from your Warsaw guide for sure. It’s hard to tell how many mermaid monuments are present in the city as many citizens have their private mermaids in their yards.

3. Experience science in Copernicus Center

Hungry for science? Let’s turn your travel into an educative adventure in Polish capital. Opened in 2010, it immediately gained thousands of regular visitors eager for wisdom. Beside deepening your scientific knowledge, you can also have a lot of fun in there. Inside some of its laboratories, you can conduct your own experiments or learn the mechanism of human emotions. You can also admire spectacular views in Planetarium or watch an unique show with robotic actors! Copernicus Centre is extremely popular among families with children who find this place especially interesting. Young visitors can for the first time discover different phenomenons in various fields such as physics, math, biology, astronomy or music.

5. Pick up a bargain at Koszyki Hall

It was created in 1906 as a grand folk fair. Nowadays it’s a modern centre with nearly 20 restaurants, numerous shops, a hairdresser and a Yoga studio. The Hall amazes with its Art Nouveau architecture, still featuring some original decorative sculptures. Koszyki Hall is a record-breaker in terms of visitors number, getting more and more popular each year. Additionally, it’s a space of many cultural events such us jazz or classical concerts, movie shows and various performances. Before going to Koszyki, keep in mind that this place is very engaging and the times goes much faster inside!

6. Relax at Vistula river banks

Spending some time at Vistula banks it’s one of the most pleasant things to do in Warsaw, especially in the summertime. Wide beach inside the city centre is relatively new, beloved by citizens and called the oasis of Warsaw. You can come here to catch some sun during the day or to have some fun during long summer nights in on of its unique restaurants or bars. There are several beaches in Warsaw and each of them features various events and attractions including Yoga lessons, movie shows, water activities, workshops, history lessons, concerts or pet owners meetings. Check what you’ll find for yourself at sandy river banks of Warsaw!

7. Multimedia Fountain Park

If you decide to go on Warsaw tours, don’t miss a chance to take part in an exquisite multimedia show. During summertime, regular Fountain shows attract millions of spectators amazed with stunning holograms. 30 minutes-shows in Fountain Park are available from May to September. They usually start around 9:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Illuminated water streams dance to the music creating mysterious and magical atmosphere while spraying water provides spaces where movies are being projected. It’s definitely one of the best places to see in Warsaw during warm summer evenings.

WarsawDirect builds its services on individual approach to customers. That’s why we will willingly organize tailor-made tours adjusted to your needs. If there is a place or monument that is not included in our offer or if you would like to extend/shorten any of our tour, please let us know and we’ll make everything to meet your expectation. Our special group of travel experts will easily find a perfect trip for you. 


Warsaw tours with WarsawDirect do not end with traditional sightseeing that leads only through the most popular city monuments. We offer a range of Retro Warsaw tours giving you an opportunity to experience the city in an old-school style.

Our carefully restored classic vehicles, such us Retro fiats 125-p, ZUK mini buses and the legendary “Cucumbers” buses, will make you feel the atmosphere of the old days. So will our vintage drivers, who take their passengers back in time telling amazing stories about the old times in Warsaw, including the Communist era and the dark times of the World War II.

Summer 2020 has already come to Warsaw and it’s high time to plan your perfect city sightseeing. WarsawDirect provides best trips in the city giving you a chance to see and explore Warsaw in comfortable and safe way. 

As a professional tour operator, we provide a wide range of carefully selected Warsaw tours with different attractions, themes and experiences. Our offer has been created with diversity and individual approach in mind. Knowing that all travelers have slightly different preferences, we want to provide something engaging for everybody. Thanks to hotel door-to-door pick ups, safety measures, English-speaking drivers, professional guides and reasonable price our services are among the most popular and recognizable trips in the city. 

With 12 years of experience in organizing Warsaw tours, we constantly improve our offer, which is inspired by our precious customers. We provide services for international clients presenting them an unique, local perspective of the city. We want to show them our beautiful city at it’s finest while giving them a wide spread of touristic routes available for everyone’s budget.

With us you can experience Warsaw your way!

Those looking to discover Warsaw’s traditional charms will be pleased by choosing one of our classic Warsaw tours. Such trips give you a chance to stroll through Warsaw Old Town, check the most significant historical monuments and discover Warsaw’s turbulent history. Classic tours are the best choice for travellers who visit the city for the first time and want to see its landmarks. Our professional, local guides know exactly what’s worth to see in Warsaw for the first time. Due to their wide historical knowledge they will give comprehensive history lesson in an entertaining way.


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