Wolf’s Lair a secret complex of massive bunkers hidden deep in the woods, where Hitler used to hide. Place, where most of the mysterious operations of the World War II were conducted is definitely worth to discover. Visit Wolf’s Lair during our private tour and explore its long obscure corridors, secret forest roads and fascinating history that influenced the whole world!


94 per person
  • Wolf's Lair Tour
  • Forest Gierzol
  • Reszel Church
  • bunkers in mamerki


Our English-speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel in the city centre at 8:00 am and take you directly to the Gierzol Forest, where Hitler’s bunker is located. One-way drive takes around 3 hours.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive entrance tickets to the museum in Wolf’s Lair. Your private driver will serve as your local guide and narrator during you tour. You’ll walk through a scenic forest, discovering partly destroyed mysterious buildings on your way. The guide will tell you what are these objects and introduce you to the story of Hitler’s hidden bunker.

You’ll see numerous historical buildings, including 7 cast-iron bunkers and 40 bomb shelters. On your way you’ll pass by numerous brick and wooden barracks (security services, administration barracks, post office or shorthand writers offices) located among breathtaking scenery. The visit takes about 3 hours.

Due to many trenches, holes, bars or remains of blown up objects, you need to mind the bumpy road during the tour!

Additional attraction to choose (private tours only):

  1. Mamerki City of Brigid headquarters of German Land Forces, where you’ll see perfectly recreated bunkers.
  2. Castle Reszel mysterious Gothic castle built among scenic views of Mazury region.
  3. Swieta Lipka Sanctuary baroque Sanctuary, famous for miracle occurrences.

Then, you’ll have 1 hour for your lunch (included in price during private tours only) in a traditional restaurant. After lunch, you’ll go directly to your hotel in Warsaw city centre.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (only in the city centre)

  • English-speaking, friendly driver/tour guide

  • Modern, comfortable vehicles

  • Entrance tickets

  • Lunch (only private tours)

  • Photos from the tour (only private tours)

  • Tours in other languages available on request


Duration: 13/11 hours

Start: 8:00 am

Type: Private/Group

Language: English

Transportation: Private AC sedan/van/minibus

Hitler bunker chef
wolf's lair hairdresser
Wolf's Lair dinning room
Wolf's Lair general meetings


Wolf’s Lair tour from Warsaw is a perfect choice for those who seek for a historical and fascinating trip to less popular places in Poland. While tours like Auschwitz or Treblinka former concentration camps are famous across the world, Wolf’s Lair Poland tour is still an alternative and unconventional choice for those who would like to discover something new. 

Visiting the old, secret bunkers from the WWII period, you’ll find about the fascinating history of the most mysterious conspiracies that for many years were completely hidden from the world. You’ll be led by a professional guide who will turn you Wolf’s Lair Hitler tour into an unforgettable history lesson. Not only will you find out about Hitler’s mysterious headquarters but also visit a scenic area in the middle of a forest. 

Wolf’s Lair is in fact a city of bunkers. Surrounded by forests, lakes and swamps, it has an unique, mysterious atmosphere. It’s also most famous Hitler’s headquarter, that was active between 1941 and 1945 and had been hidden from from the world for decades. Wolf’s Lair Poland is located in Gierzol Forest, near Ketrzyn city.

Although the headquarters was blew up by Germans, its ruins and reconstructions attract millions of history lovers every year. Numerous bunkers still hide many mysteries to be discovered. At the same time, they impress with its sizes and solidity.

In total, Adolf Hitler spent around 800 days in Wolf’s Lair. He managed to survived several assassination and took many critical decisions that had major impact on the World’s history. Among others, Germans decided there to:

  • use prisoners as workers in German arms industry;
  • create concentration camps;
  • “Barbarossa operation” – German attack on the Soviet Union

On the 24th of January, 1945, all bunkers were blown up with the aid of 10 tonnes of TNT. In 1955 the area was subject to mine-clearing and in 1956 it opened its premises for first tourists.

Additionally, Wolf’s Lair is a place, where the most famous attack on Hitler’s life took place. Who knows how world would look like if this attack was successful?

On Thursday, 20.07.94 , an enormous explosion shook Wolf’s Lair premises. Numerous buildings were blown up and vast part of bunkers’ area turned into debris. The bomb was secretly brought by Claus von Stauffenberg – a lieutenant from Berlin. This attack was supposed to change the course of the history. However, immense explosion didn’t kill Hitler, who was only lightly injured. He even managed to welcome at his place another world dictator – Mussolini, at the very same day!

After the failed attack, Germans killed over 200 various generals and important political figures in reprisal.

Here are some significant places (or its ruins) that you can find on the premises of Wolf’s Lair:

  • Living compartments of Hitler’s closest guards.
  • Main bunker used for headquarters conferences, where Hitler’s failed assassination took place.
  • Security Forces of The Third Reich
  • Bunker for Hitler’s guests
  • Telephone exchange
  • Garages, where Hitler’s two Mercedes vehicles were parked
  • A boiler room
  • Aliment stores
  • House of personal Hitler’s Secretary
  • Air-raid shelter
  • The Casino
  • Hotel of Hitler’s closest guards
  • New teapots
  • Hitler’s main bunker
  • Railroad Kętrzyn – Węgorzewo


More and more people decide to go on a Wolf’s Lair Poland Tour while visiting Warsaw. One-way journey takes about 3 hours. We organize one-day trips from Warsaw everyday providing all necessary services during the transport. Beside door-to-door-pick ups and drop-offs, our trips guarantee a comfortable private car, friendly driver and a professional Wolf’s Lair guide. 

The whole tour takes up to 13 hours and it’s a whole-day trip. On your way back you can stop at some local restaurant for a lunch but consider taking some food with you as well. 

By booking Wolf’s Lair Tour Poland with us you chose the best quality service which will allow you enjoy your travel in comfortable conditions. 


If you would like to book our Wolf’s Lair Tour, please fill out our BOOKING FORM. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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